Passenger Rules

Meals and Bed Time
1 Every Passenger to rise at 7 AM unless otherwise permitted by the SURGEON.
2 Breakfast from 8 to 9 AM. Dinner at 1 PM. Supper at 6 PM.
3 The Passengers to be in their beds at 10 PM

Fires and Lights
4 Fires to be lighted by Passenger's Cook at 7 AM and kept alight by him until 7 PM then to be extinguished unless otherwise directed by the MASTER or required for the use of the sick.
5 Three safety lamps to be lit at dusk; one to be kept burning all night in the main hatchway; the two others may be extinguished at 10 PM
6 No naked lights to be allowed at any time, or on any account

Cleaning Berths, etc.
7 The Passengers, when dressed, to roll up their beds, to sweep the decks (including the space under the berth) and to throw the dirt overboard
8 Breakfast not to commence until this is done.
9 The Sweepers for the day to be taken in rotation from the males above 14, in the proportion of 5 for every 100 passengers.
10 Duties of the Sweepers to be to clean the Ladders, the Hospital and Dining Rooms, to sweep after every meal, and to dry holystone and scrape them after breakfast.
11 But the Occupant of each berth to see to his own berth is well brushed out; and single Women are to keep their own compartment clean
12 The Beds to be well shaken and aired on deck.
13 Mondays and Tuesdays are appointed as washing days, but no clothes are to be washed or dried between decks.
14 The Coppers and Cooking Vessels to be cleaned every day.

15 The Scuttles and Stern Ports to be kept open (weather permitting) from 7 AM to 10 PM and the Hatches at all times.
16 On Sunday the Passengers to muster at 10 AM when they will be expected to appear in clean and decent apparel. The day to be observed as religiously as circumstances will admit.

17 No spirits or gunpowder to be brought on board by any Passenger. Any that may be discovered will be taken into custody of the MASTER until the expiration of the voyage.
18 No loose Hay or Straw allowed below.
19 All gambling, fighting, and riotous behaviour or quarrelsome behaviour, swearing or violent language to be at once put a stop to. Swords and other offensive weapons, as soon as the Passengers embark, to be placed in the custody of the MASTER.
20 No sailors to remain on the Passenger deck except on duty.
21 No Passenger to go to the Ship's Cookhouse without special permission from the MASTER, nor to remain in the Forecastle among the Sailors on any account.

By order of the MASTER
(from the SS Great Britain, "Rules for Passengers")