St Paul to St Louis


From St Paul to St Louis, enjoy the historic landmarks and diverse blend of arts and entertainment. Explore destinations such as Hannibal, Davenport, and La Crosse, each offering its own fascinating story and unique culture. October trip for fall colors. Take the cruise in the southbound direction since I’ve been to St. Louis but not Minneapolis/St. Paul which would give some time to explore there rather than a repeat of the St. Louis extra day. The barge might be the Queen of the Mississippi or its twin, the America.

Day 1 - Pre-Cruise, St. Paul, MN
Each Mississippi itinerary comes complete with a Complimentary Pre-Cruise Package, providing you with a seamless way to board the ship and explore the local area. As on the Ohio River cruise, fly up a day early to arrive the day before your scheduled cruise date and St. Paul is sure to win you over. This gives more time to do more exploring of Minneapolis/St Paul. Minneapolis: St. Paul is a thrilling river town. History buffs will enjoy a walking tour of Summit Avenue, which showcases gorgeous historic mansions built in the late 1800’s. St. Paul’s enchanting art galleries, world class museums, and entertaining stage performances will capture your imagination. End the day by visiting Mounds Park, where visitors are treated to a beautiful panoramic view of the city.

Note: The ACL online documentation shows the cruise in the northbound direction.

Day 2/1 - St. Paul, MN
American Cruise Lines will handle the rest. On the morning of the cruise, meet in the hotel lobby after breakfast and we will transport you about 10:30 to the Queen of the Mississippi (same as on the Ohio River) to begin your cruise. All luggage will be brought directly from the hotel and placed in your stateroom aboard the ship.

Day 3/2 - Red Wing, MN
NEW Nestled among the scenic bluffs of the upper Mississippi River, Red Wing's beauty has inspired artisans, craftspeople and artists for over 150 years. Red Wing delivers a diverse blend of arts, entertainment and activities for your pleasure. Enjoy a show at the historic Sheldon Performing Arts Theatre or observe the beauty of nature at one of Red Wing’s 38 parks.

* Red Wing Trolley Tour - Complimentary Excursion
Red Wing is home to a unique downtown area that features a wide variety of shops, including art galleries, antique stores and one-of-a kind boutiques. Historically, Red Wing is known for its shoes, pottery and linseed oil, but today it has become a leading producer of robotic components. This one-hour trolley tour will take you back in time to show you Red Wing’s historic roots.

Red Wing Pottery Tour - Complimentary Excursion
Tour the Red Wing Pottery workshop and see the production of their stoneware. You will have the opportunity to meet a potter and the owner of this third-generation family business. The tour will give you a new appreciation for the craftsmanship required to produce such beautiful stoneware.

Day 4/3 - La Crosse, WI
NEW Step into 19th century America in La Crosse, located on the banks of three captivating rivers. La Crosse is home to Riverside Park, where you will enjoy beautiful gardens, an outdoor performance center, and inspiring sculptures.

** Eco-Tour
Spend an afternoon on this signature backwater cruise, specifically designed for nature lovers and bird watchers. Explore a variety of wetland habitats and discover the wide array of wildlife living within the "Upper Miss" wildlife refuge. Highlights include up-close views of bald eagle nests, beaver lodges, sunning turtles, great blue herons, egrets, red fox, and playful river otters.

Hixon House & La Crosse City Tour
Take a narrated tour of this wonderful city. Discover the historic downtown with its late 19th and early 20th century buildings as well as the well-preserved residential neighborhoods. Gain insight into LaCrosse’s development from the boomtown riverboat days through the roaring ‘20s, to the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. Visit the historic Hixon House, an authentic Victorian home which has retained 90% of its original furnishings and is a designated Historic Landmark.

Historic City Tour
Tour this wonderful city and view the historic late 19th and early 20th century buildings that define La Crosse. Gain insight into the architectural development of La Crosse from its boomtown Riverboat days through the Roaring '20s. Discover the evolution of the historic downtown and the well-preserved residential neighborhoods during this narrated bus tour.

Day 5/4 - Dubuque, IA
A “Masterpiece on the Mississippi,” Dubuque is among the oldest settlements west of the Mississippi River. Take a ride on the Fenelon Place Elevator, the world’s shortest and steepest scenic railway or try your luck in one of Dubuque's state-of-the-art casinos. View colorful Victorian mansions, stroll through the whimsical downtown area, and visit the national Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium.

** National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium
Take an entertaining and informative journey along the mighty Mississippi at the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium. On this guided tour, you will discover the lives of the pioneers, explorers, and artists who lived along the Mississippi River and get close to nature as you make your way through six large aquariums. The museum’s interactive exhibits will give you an inside look into the Mississippi River's past, present and future.

Delight in Dubuque
Step back in time and experience the elegance of Victorian era Dubuque during a tour through the town’s many historic attractions. Learn about the architecture, families and events that made 19th century Dubuque such a unique treasure. Your guide will lead you through Dubuque's beautiful historic sites, including the Mathias Ham House and The Old Jail Museum.

Day 6/5 - Davenport, IA
Voted one of the Most Livable Small Cities in America, Davenport is often described as a lively, active city with a hometown feel. This city features the largest agricultural exhibit in the world. Music enthusiasts will enjoy Davenport’s many music festivals, including the Mississippi Valley Blues Festival, The Mississippi Valley Fair, and the Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz Festival which is dedicated to native Jazz musician Bix Beiderbecke.

** Black Hawk State Historic Site
Enjoy a guided tour of the Hauberg Indian Museum. Located in the Black Hawk State Historic Site, this museum interprets the story of the Sauk and Meskwaki Indians who once called it home. During the tour, view full-size replicas of Sauk winter and summer homes, dioramas with life-size figures of the Sauk and Meskwaki Indians and traditional artifacts, including authentic trade goods and jewelry.

Davenport City Tour & John Deere Pavilion - Complimentary Excursion
Enjoy a stop at the John Deere Pavilion and Store. The company’s rich heritage is chronicled in exhibits, interactive touch screen displays, and equipment dating back nearly 175 years, including antique tractors, and giant modern combines. Continue on a narrated city tour of Davenport and learn about the Rock Island Arsenal, Davenport native Bix Biederbecke’s contribution to Jazz, Rock Island’s 1920’s “Crime Lord” John Looney, the area’s beautiful college campuses, and the city’s Native American history.

Day 7/6 - Day of River Cruising
Take in the beauty of the river as you make your way from Davenport to Hannibal. Join other passengers in our beautiful common areas or simply relax on the sun deck.

Day 8/7 - Hannibal, MO
NEW Hannibal, “America’s Hometown,” is a place where you can rediscover adventures from Mark Twain’s era. Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn come to life in this charming Missouri town, where you can run your hand along Aunt Polly’s fence, explore Injun Joe’s Cave, and get reacquainted with one of the world’s most beloved authors. The downtown area is a thriving haven for artisans filled with specialty shops unique to Hannibal.

Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum - Complimentary Excursion
As you arrive in Hannibal, the boyhood home of famous author Mark Twain, relive the author’s experiences that heavily influenced his writings. Visit the actual home that Mark Twain grew up in, which is surrounded by the legendary whitewashed fence of Tom Sawyer. The vivid stories told by Mark Twain come to life at this interactive museum as you explore the homes and grounds of Becky Thatcher and Huck Finn. Stop at the Interpretive Center, home to 15 original Normal Rockwell paintings, the Becky Thatcher House, the Huck Finn Home, and the Tom and Huck Statue at the foot of Cardiff Hill.

Day 9/8 - St. Louis, MO
I have been here before so will just head for the airport to fly home.

Ship is the Queen of the Mississippi – same as on the Ohio River Cruise, or its twin, the America.