For a Frigid Christmas
Along the Missisloppy River

Aboard the Notoriously Infamous Cattle Barge,
the "Abominable Peasant"

HOLIDAY MEMORIES - Well hidden amid the “Abominable Peasant” (formerly known as the "American Queen") Holiday cruise is a seasonal spirit. Experience the best(?) of the Antebellum South during this time of the year while getting acquainted with the classic traditions of the Cajun and Creole cultures. Sip a glass of (spiked?) eggnog as you listen to the sweet sound of local choirs and bands serenade the Abominable Peasant upon departure from Vicksburg and Natchez. Receive a welcome from strolling carolers upon arrival to charming St. Francisville. Our lineup of Christma$ market$ offers $omething for everyone including music, $ea$onal good$ and locally produced ¢raft$ (but not for me).

I found out on my previous trip that there was NO USABLE INTERNET aboard. Also no table or desk in my prison cell. The 4 computers set up in the lounge for guests are usually busy - when they aren't "out of service."

Day 1, Sunday, Dec 17 – Hotel Stay, Memphis TN
Houston forecast – shuttle ~ 70; Memphis 55 with 20% chance of rain today – early AM if any. I scheduled a noon flight however “Un-Friendly AwfulLines” changed a good schedule into a much later one. Getting the shuttle about 11:50-12:05 (but make that 12:25). Between the scheduled 12:05 and the 4:20 boarding time is over 4 hours so I should have had time for a junk food lunch at the IAH airport and even pick up something for “dinner” later tonight since it will probably be down around 48 (or less) by the time I could go out to get something to eat.

However, after the StuporShuttle driver finally found the house and then picked up 4 more passengers, we were later than expected at the airport. Next a delay just checking in and dropping off my bag. Still not too bad but then it took WELL OVER AN HOUR to get through the TSA checks (only one agent to check ALL the passengers for Terminal B). By the time that was done, I had only 15 minutes before boarding was supposed to start – just enough time to get from TSA to the gate. Then more delay because they were doing some maintenance on the magic flying machine. So, there was no time for lunch, even munchies, and then a delayed flight (maintenance) which wasn’t so good.

United UA 3970Houston – Memphis2:45 – 4:241:39

The flight is shorter than I had expected. Both flights on the trip are supposedly Economy Plus seating and the flight itself went well (for a very noisy micro-sardine sized flying machine.) The schedule change from a mid-morning flight to an afternoon flight worked out to my benefit since now the overnight rain went through Houston by midnight so no rain at flight time, and the rain in Memphis is a morning rain, not continuing into late afternoon. There was another long delay at the airport waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for our luggage.

Unlike many other companies, no “transfer” is included/bookable, so I have to pay a taxi but that’s the “Peasant.” I had hoped to be to the hotel about 5:30PM. Then some luck – as I was walking out of the terminal to catch a taxi, I saw a gentleman holding an AQSC sign so I walked up and said “I’m going on the AQ.” He then said there was enough space in his shuttle van for another person so I got a free ride and didn’t need a taxi but due to all the delays it was well after 6 (6:30?) before we got to the hotel.

The Hospitality Desk is open between 1PM and 8PM and I went there and got checked in, but now it is definitely fully dark and cold and breezy, and damp – going down to about 38-40 tonight. So much for going out for something to eat – so just get a $$ burger at the hotel. The day is basically over, with time only to be bored while I am here. No dinner was included this evening, or lunch tomorrow – that “Peasant” again. But hopefully the weather will be decent enough about noon tomorrow to go out to Subway for lunch.

Day 2, Monday, Dec 18 – Memphis, TN (5PM)
(Average temp: 35-52; Rain overnight and a low temp of about 40. Cold damp and misty. Forecast 60/49, showers. Buffet breakfast IS included, but not lunch so rather than planning to taking a long, wet walk for lunch, I’ll eat an extra large breakfast and skip lunch per se. Since no further check-in is required, there is nothing to do between 7AM (back from breakfast) to 3PM (get rounded up and packed into the cattle cars then shipped to the port where we get loaded onto the cattle barge.)

Rather than take the Premium Pre-Cruise Shore Excursion through Memphis’ high low-lights, I’ll just take the included transfer to the cattle barge. The Hospitality Desk is open until 3:00 PM, when the complimentary barge transfers will begin! My transfer is at 3:15. It’s time to begin our voyage down the Missisloppy River!

After the usual rigmarole, we are scheduled to depart somewhere about 5PM. But our actual departure is delayed quite a while in order to wait for more passengers coming in from Atlanta where the airport has had power outages since noon yesterday, was totally shut down for a while, and is now struggling to get aircraft in to recover from cancelled flights.

My “Prison Cell” is the same category as on my first trip. However, it is far more cramped than I had remembered (the picture on the internet is WRONG). The twin beds are very narrow (1/2 of a full sized bed, if even that) and with sheets that come loose and “scramble” if I even look at them (they do NOT fit even slightly tightly) causing me to get tangled up very quickly and costing a chance for more that a little (if any) sleep, no table or desk (as expected), the only seating is a miserable two person wooden bench with very minimal padding, and the P/A speaker doesn’t work so I’ll miss all the on-board events announcements. This has a mixed blessing since I won’t be tortured by all the all-day and late into the night “Sick Cow Noise” (“Moo-Sick” aka music) and Howling Hounds: dogs, etc. barking and howling (VOCALizing) so I’ll escape the MOOs and HOWLs. I think that that more than makes up for the missed announcements. At least it is only one deck up to my preferred feeding trough. As with all meals, I’ll have supper/dinner tonight in the “Front Porch Café” rather than the main feeding trough. Tonight it is prime rib, baked potato, and a nice salad. We had a choice of ham at least once a day.

Bad news note: the onboard weather forecast is for rain for the next three but it turns out mostly wrong.

Premium Shore Excursions: NO – WAY TOO MUCH ELVIS! AND NOT FOR THE PRICE. 2017 Pre-Cruise: The "King's" Memphis City Tour Including the Graceland Mansion Price $99.

None of the “Premium Shore Excursions” offered are of any real interest (and not for the prices they want) so I won’t take any of them. I won’t even list any more of them in these notes.

Day 3, Tuesday, Dec 19 – Greenville, MS
(Average temp: 36-55) 45F this morning and fairly heavy fog. Forecast 68/54 and thunderstorms and they were right. It starts out clear and in the mid 40s but warms up nicely. A really nice weather day. It’s just that long climb up the slope from barge to the bus level that is bad – with the winter low water level, it is quite a long climb and going back down is worse. They do have a "golf cart" for those with mobility problems.

The first of the 4 good stops/ports. Greenville is at the very heart and soul of the Mississippi Delta. Located on the banks of Lake Fergusson, Greenville is a short drive from Indianola, the birthplace of B.B. King and many other blues singers. The author of the Muppets actually got started here! The town is also known for their museums of which the town has one for practically everything!

The docking area isn’t on the Missisloppy River, it is first up a narrow tributary then onto the lake. Thus getting here, and leaving later, can be tricky if the weather isn’t good. We were supposed to arrive at noon but due the now heavy fog and rain, it isn’t until about 12:15 or so. Further, the Captain says that due to navigation concerns with the continuing rain and fog, and due to being dark early, he wants to leave by 3:30, not 6PM, so we won’t get but about 3 hours here.

I had planned on not only taking the around-town coach excursion but also making a full visit to the Flood Museum which seems to show lots of promise for being very interesting, and possibly the Greenville history museum, (see descriptions below) but due to the weather and the visibility, like MOST of the other passengers, I’m just staying onboard. We can’t see anything because of the fog, and it is definitely raining. So much for one of the top three (of real interest) ports and missing one of the special excursion stops.

Most shore (hop-on / hop-off) excursions (called Steamcoach Tours) which are included on the cruise are on “Abominable Peasant” "Cattle Cars" (buses adorned to look like the “Abominable Peasant”, courtesy of a "skin" overlay), to transport passengers around the ports of call where we're free to hop on or off at any number of predetermined spots. A guide narrates the route and explains what's attractive about each stop. Most routes take 20 to 40 minutes to complete the full circuit, and good walkers can also do most of the loops on foot at their own pace. Although I'll call them "cattle cars" because we are frequently herded around like a bunch of cattle, they are more comfortable than many I've been on and with a decent leg room.

Included Shore Excursions
*** 1927 Flood Museum
HIGHLIGHT. Learn the history of one of the most impactful floods Washington County has ever faced. Located in the oldest structure in Downtown Greenville, the Flood Museum depicts the history of one of the greatest natural disasters the county has ever seen. View the flood artifacts and photos illustrating the flood’s impact during the long four months Greenville were flooded. Watch a short documentary illustrating the cause and effects of the Great Flood and the struggle of man against nature.

Greenville History Museum View artifacts, photos, and memorabilia dating back to the 1800’s. Learn the history of Greenville and the citizens in it. Here, guests can learn about Greenville and all of the important events and people she has to offer.

Day 4, Wednesday, Dec 20 – Vicksburg, MS
Revised forecast: 69/47 and mostly cloudy; cool and cloudy but relatively nice. The second of the 4 good stops/ports. Vicksburg perfectly blends Southern culture and heritage with exciting modern-day attractions. Described as the “Key to the South” by Abraham Lincoln, this southern town carries a history unlike any other Civil War City and celebrates the Christmas holiday with a traditional flair.

The two excursions should be really good. I'm particularly looking forward to the Depot Museum - and it turned out to be great. The second one was very good also. I'll rate both of them very highly.

Included Shore Excursions
**** Old Depot Museum
HIGHLIGHT. Featuring the world’s largest collection of ship models and a collection of riverboat models and naval vessels with Mississippi names. Also, the museum offers the only diorama of the Siege of Vicksburg, shown in a birds-eye view of the battlefield with 2,300 miniature soldiers. Formerly a depot for the Grand Trunk & Western Railroad, this museum has more than 150,000 historical and genealogical items in its collection. It features a scale-model village of the buildings important to the development of Vicksburg and the South Kalamazoo County Region and outback. Guests can check out the caboose!

Lower Mississippi River Museum: Listen to the risks and benefits of life surrounding the Mississippi River. This museum’s mission is to show the role of the government in Mississippi’s past and future, to maintain a healthy river. Guests explore showcases of the history of Vicksburg and the region or exhibits about the 1927 flood and how it affected Vicksburg and the Mississippi River.

Day 5, Thursday, Dec 21 – Natchez, MS
(Average temp: 38-61) Not my favorite of the 4, but it is a good stop/port. It starts out clear and in the mid 40s but warms up nicely. Forecast 75/63 and mostly sunny. A really nice weather day. It’s just that long climb up the slope from barge to the bus level that is bad – with the winter low water level, it is quite a long climb and going back down is worse.

Not the best of the 4 good ones, but it is another good stop/port. The spirit of the Holidays spreads through this charming southern town and resonates throughout its streets with traditional holiday decorations adorning the town’s most historic homes. Natchez takes pride in decking their halls as they welcome Abominable Peasant Guests into the town for a truly southern holiday celebration.

Places to stop: the Rosalie market turns out to be just a dozen or so flea-market “stalls.” Ho Hum. The Natchez Visitor’s Center is excellent and is definitely the best, followed by the National Afro-American Cultural Center. It was much better than I had thought. To finish off the day, a stop at the Natchez Trails River Overlook gave some nice views. Stopping in Natchez proved to be much more rewarding that I had expected.

However, at dinner tonight, one of the buffet choices was mislabeled and turned out to be seafood which can, and did, make me very sick. This is still a bad problem for tomorrow.

Included Shore Excursions
Christmas Markets
: During your visit to Natchez, spend the afternoon exploring the historic homes and interactive museums before taking advantage of our exclusive Abominable Peasant Christma$ Market$ hosted on the grounds of the Ro$alie Man$ion. Local artisans and craftsmen will present their most creative and unique works of art as carolers set the mood!

Natchez Visitor’s Center Learn about the river in this southern town and visit exhibits. Enjoy a short, 20-minute video in the Visitor’s Center Theater and hear about the history of Natchez. Then, explore the building at your leisure. At the entrance a scaled display model of the city is showcased. Stop in the office for some general information and questions about the town and its history, including town highlights and points of interest. It turns out to be VERY interesting.

Day 6, Friday, Dec 22 – St. Francisville, LA
(Average temp: 43 - My favorite port on the first trip. Forecast 76/59. Nicest stop on the first trip and was to be a highlight of this trip. I’ve really been looking to just walking around and enjoying the town. The excursion route is simple and not too long so lots to see in just a “short walk.”

Unfortunately, the great visit got “crabbed out” by that mislabeled food they had yesterday, and I had to stay onboard. 1000 "Maxi-Gritches."

Established in 1809, St. Francisville is the oldest town in the Louisiana Parishes. Today, St. Francisville retains its historical, small-town charm and their festive holiday celebrations are no exception. Stroll through the streets of St. Francisville, adorned for the season as jolly carolers stroll along the bustling sidewalks. The streets come alive with holiday charm as yuletide music fills the air. Stop in at the St. Francisville visitor’s center and discover the Abominable Peasant Syncopators performing live holiday music for a musical welcome to this southern gem. I had REALLY been looking forward to this stop. It is a small town and very nice to just walk around and enjoy.

Included Shore Excursions
Christmas Markets
: Enjoy live entertainment and refreshments as you explore this unique holiday event, filled with vendor tents and decorated with garlands and lights.

Old Market Hall: Become steeped in southern charm and local artistry. Stop at Harrington Gallery to experience one-of-a-kind paintings and beautiful pieces by local artists. The structure was built in 1819 and has a beautiful open layout. Now the building is used as a market center for the town to host their small businesses.

Of my top 4 ports to visit:
#1, Vicksburg, 2 museums = visited
#2, St Francisville, town = crabbed out
#3, Greenville, new for me = rained out
#4, Natchez, repeat, = nice anyway.

Not a good outcome.

Day 7, Saturday, Dec 23 – Nottoway, LA
(Average temp: 45-64). Rain in the New Orleans area today. Forecast here is 63/42 with (many) scattered showers – and more “crabby???”. We are here for over a day. If the somewhat questionable printed schedule is correct, we don’t get to Nottoway until 1PM so most of the activities listed below are at night in the cold (wet?) dark, and a long walk from the barge, but at least the rain seems to be holding off – just overcast – so maybe the afternoon activities will go on. Actually, it seems like a weather front comes through, kicks out the clouds, and it turns cold with temperature down about 45.

I’ve been here before so it isn’t the big highlight that it is played up to be. It was nice on the other visit, but not all that spectacular. Except for the special activities, it would be sorta dull.

Magic is in the air at Nottoway Plantation as the melodies of Christmas echo through the halls of the mansion and carry across the grounds. Your evening at Nottoway Plantation is full of enchanted holiday traditions including festive Christma$ Market$ offering a glimpse into holidays past, a traditional Southern Ball performance and an elegant four-course meal. But all the promised egg-nog to sip on is "pre-spiked" so there is nothing there for me. This evening is capped off with the lighting of traditional bonfires along the levees. As your evening at Nottoway comes to a close, return to the Abominable Peasant for a very noisy grand Holiday Gala.

The Peasant docks right in front of Notoway, but it is a VERY long, cold, walk to the Mansion itself.

Many times revised schedule of Included Shore Excursions Exclusive Holiday Celebration – multi activities all day.

A: Christmas Market (2PM – 8PM)
Take a short walk from the dock of the Abominable Peasant and enjoy an AQSC exclusive Christmas Market in the shadow of the “White Castle” of the south. Local artisans, bakers, and craftsmen will line the walkways of Nottoway. This turns out better than I had expected but I didn't buy anything.

B: Nottoway Traditional Plantation Dinner (5PM-6:30PM) We will then go into Nottoway’s Randolph Ballroom (late update; we get ripped off; the grand dinner isn't in the Grand Ballroom, but back on the Peasant.) where we will have a four-course meal before continuing our adventure. Enjoy a fine-dining experience with a choice of Traditional Creole, Plantation, or Vegetarian menus. But rip-off: it is back on the Peasant, it is not one of those special choice menus, just a regular choice one. Hot dogs anyone?

C: Nottoway Plantation’s Traditional Southern Ball Demonstration (6:30-6:45) Nottoway Plantation is a true beauty on the Mississippi. Tonight, enjoy the holiday season in one of the most lavish and luxurious settings the South has to offer. After spending the day (? Evening) touring the historical plantation and its perfectly manicured grounds, join us in the stunning White Ballroom, where a (very short) spectacular performance will be held depicting the extravagant southern balls held here during the plantation era. Dressed in full gowns and proper suits, impersonators will share a little about the incredible festivities held at Nottoway Plantation.

D: Desert and Dance at the Randolph Ballroom (6:45-7:30PM) A last chance to eat some of the great food and perhaps do some dancing ourselves in the Grand Ballroom.

E: Bonfire Lighting Ceremony on the Levee (7:45) Following the Exclusive Christmas Markets, join us on the levee overlooking the Abominable Peasant where a ceremonial bonfire will be lit extending a warm, red glow across the waters of the Mississippi River.

F: Fireworks (8PM - oops wrong: 9PM) As you return to the Abominable Peasant, keep your eyes to the sky for a shimmering fireworks display and due to the schedule listing error, I almost missed it.

XX- Abominable Peasant Exclusive Christmas Ball: (NO, NOT, FORGET IT, not for me and it’s way past time to go to bed!) After the last ceremonial fire is lit, board the Barge and join us in the Grand Saloon for our very own Christmas Gala Bash. NO, as noted above, bed and trying to not hear the "Moo-Sick" and very loud noise and even screaming. The "bi-level open" Saloon make the noise VERY loud since the 2nd level is right across the hall and the noise just bounces right across.

Dec 8, Sunday, Dec 24 – Nottoway, LA
Forecast: 64/38. Actual a damp 40. Shivver. No long outdoor excursions for me. Rain in the New Orleans area today. It’s Christmas Eve and few of the local residents want to work today; they want to be home with their families. Very understandable. So not much is scheduled to be happening.

For me, essentially the trip is over – nothing left to look forward to seeing or doing today or for the rest of the trip. The 2nd day here: a totally wasted, boring day. There is no need to take the included Nottoway Plantation. There is a LONG period of absolutely nothing to do but sit around and be VERY, VERY bored. The cruise is not as interesting as I had hoped.

Nottoway Plantation: Enjoy a tour of Nottoway Plantation. NO THANKS – we had all those activities here yesterday and I’ve been here before.

SHORT CRUISE NOTES: After being at Nottoway for 34 hours, we were scheduled to depart at 10PM for New Orleans.

As scheduled we started moving about 9:55. Then about 10 minutes later I realized that we were no longer moving. When I looked outside, we were close to the bank, the gangway was swung out and lowered, and 8-10 crew were "wandering around" in the short brush. I looked like a missing persons/children hunt. The spotlights were on and I could see the crew seemingly just wandering around.

After about 30 minutes later, I went out to the info desk and asked what was going on. I was told that since we were getting down into the busy part of the river, that the Captain didn't want to cruise it in the dark so we were going to spend the night there ... probably only about 1-2 miles from our place at Nottoway.

As a guess, we were only scheduled/paid to dock/moor at the Nottoway levee until 10PM so we had been "evicted" as scheduled. It seems that where we had then stopped was a public mooring and the crew had been out in the weeds and low brush trying to find the mooring points. But it made for an "interesting" 1 ¼ hours (10 - 11:15PM) and a memorable end to the otherwise boring stay at Nottoway.

Day 9, Monday, Dec 25 – River CruZZZing to New Orleans
38F here this morning with quite a wind-chill. Rain forecast tomorrow for both New Orleans and Houston. It will be a very boring Christmas Day cruZZZing towards New Orleans. None of the local residents want to work on Christmas Day so nothing happens except watching the water go by. See so-called “beautiful landscapes” as we approach New Orleans. We are “stuck” just watching the water go by. Another wasted day.

ESCAPED TURKEY: We are having a special "Christmas Feast" today for both lunch and dinner; exactly the same menu for both - turkey, ham, dressing, etc, etc.- served both in the main dining room and up on the "Front Porch" where I'm eating my meals. Dinner on the porch will almost certainly be the leftovers from lunch.

Lunch was supposed to be at 11, but by 12:30, still no turkey was set to be sliced at the "carving station." Apparently it had escaped from the oven and all we had was our (usual every day) ham. Apparently the boat company also owns a pig farm since every day at least one meal (lunch/dinner) has ham as one of the choices.

Maybe by dinner time (5PM or 6 if they are running behind) they will have captured the turkey or it will be ham yet again. However my friend Russ said that on the 23rd, Presidunce Drump pardoned all the turkeys through New Year’s Day. So blame all the ham dinners on him.

We don’t get into New Orleans until 5PM this evening so there are no shore excursions. The original notes had indicated a series of available activities in New Orleans would be offered so (bait and switch routine) we got ripped-off. So much for the Peasant’s online propaganda before the cruise.

Day 10, Tuesday, Dec 26 – New Orleans - Houston
Now that we’ve arrived in New Orleans, the cattle are allowed to escape (stampede) from the barge about 7:30AM. As expected, it is generally a tangled-up mess. Cold this morning with a “mizzle” (misty drizzle) as we stop out on the open dock to claim our luggage, which is sitting in the open in the mizzle, before getting on the bus to the airport. The luggage got wet but not soaked.

There is an optional “Premium ($$$) Excursion” tour –the same that I went on as a departure tour on the earlier cruise which was only worth about ¢¢¢ - so I’ll take the pre-booked $25 basic airport transfer. It is a long ride. Those of us taking just the airport transfer are on the first bus so there was VERY LITTLE time for a rushed breakfast. I’m told to book departing flights after 12 noon so it’s going to be a LONG wait (and turned out even longer).

United UA 512New Orleans – Houston1:55 – 3:17
2:35 - 3:55

This should get me home about 4:30 or 5 … but doesn’t.

1: the plane was 40 minutes late taking off from the New Orleans airport;
2: I had to wait over an hour for the StuporShuttle (very short-handed today) usually ~20 minutes
3: it took a bit over 1 ½ hours to get home from the airport (usual quick time is ~35 minutes)

Finally home safely at 6:45 and the first thing to do is turn up the heat; it’s 48 outside and 62 inside.

1) That AWFUL BED which meant little or almost no sleep for 9 nights.
2) That mis-labelled food which cost me even seeing St Francisville which was ONE OF THE TWO almost mandatory Highlights that I had been looking forward to visiting/seeing.

So after this trip, absolutely no more Abominable Peasant cruises.

Your Cruise Fare Includes:
* Complimentary Hop-On Hop-Off shore excursions in each port of call
* Complimentary hotel stay the night before your voyage – includes breakfast, taxes, porterage and transfers to the vessel
* Complimentary bottled water and soft drinks throughout your voyage
* Daily lectures by the Riverlorian, our onboard historian


Ship Statistics: Length: 418'; Beam: 89'; Crew: 160; Decks: 6; Passengers: 436.

ABOMINABLE PEASANT PUBLIC ROOMS: The sprawling Mark Twain Gallery is a plush, jam-packed but very dimly lighted living room of sorts. It's also one of the best spots (not to be able) to tap into the boat's free Wi-Fi. There is no dedicated Internet cafe onboard; there are four computers for the passengers in the dark, dreary Mark Twain Gallery so they are "always" busy. Even more lies: The free Wi-Fi is NOT “generally accessible ship-wide”; in fact, almost NEVER ACCESSIBLE anywhere. Forget the Internet!!

ABOMINABLE PEASANT ENTERTAINMENT: The main very noisy racket (so-called entertainment) venue is the Grand Saloon. Yes, they do call it a “Saloon” since many times it sounds more like what I would imagine a drunken riot in an old West saloon might have sounded like. A variety of performances take place there.

There are daily lectures (usually good to very good - the best of the onboard activities) in the Grand Saloon by the boat's "Riverlorians" who provides historical and often lyrical(?) context on the boat, famous American figures connected to the rivers, and the passing landscape. They are happy to answer questions.

DINING: The Abominable Peasant has only two dining venues -- the J.M. White Dining Room, and the casual Front Porch of America. The “Front Porch” is definitely preferable for me. Located on deck 3 one deck above my cell, it is a busy place where snacks are served 24 hours a day. This small enclosed porch has three short self-serve buffets each day: breakfast from 6AM to 10AM, followed by lunch from 11AM to 3PM and dinner (the best short buffet of the day) from 5PM to 8PM. Guests can either eat inside or take their food outdoors into the cold, wet breezy weather. Food here is limited but usually good.

Highlights include:
Complimentary shore excursions in every port.
Complimentary hotel before your voyage - with breakfast, and transfers to the Abominable Peasant.
Complimentary bottled water and soft drinks throughout your voyage.
The only steamboat with multiple specialty dining options, no formal wear required.
Daily lectures by the Riverlorians, our onboard historians.
Professional showboat-style VERY noisy "entertainment" nightly.

DELUXE OUTSIDE STATEROOM W/ BAY WINDOW: Category AQ-D 190 sq. ft.; Queen or twin beds; Cabin Deck (been in this category before. My prison cell is #204 - portside, first "light green" cabin. It is NOT as nice as pictured on their web site.