HAWAII, 2009


Day 1, Thursday, April 16 Flight to Honolulu
Up early to catch a 6:35AM StuporShuttle to the airport. Airfare via Continental Frequent Flyer miles. Rain and thunderstorms are forecast for today through Sunday, but I should be out of town and on my way before it starts here, unless ... this is the same flight that I was on for the South Pacific trip and the plane was 2 hours late leaving on that trip. This time it was *only* 1:20 late. When going down the Jetway to board, the security procedure is to stop, put our carry-on luggage on one side, stand on the other, and let the drug-dogs check it all. Only then can we actually board. No Daylight savings time in Hawaii makes the trip appear 1 hour shorter but it really is the same length - 8 hours. There is a 5-hour time difference with Houston.

1Continental CO 0001Houston - Honolulu9:35 AM - 12:55PM
10:55 AM - 2:15 PM

After a long flight (2 decent snack-sandwich "meals") with no connection worries, on arrival we are greeted in the traditional Polynesian way - with a warm aloha and a lei of fresh flowers (yes, another one! It's even 'real' not plastic). The transfer to our hotel in Waikiki is included. It takes quite a while for the transfer van to get to the airport, so it's about 3:55 (8:55 PM Houston time) before I get to the (nice but expen$ive - bottle of water is $5) hotel. The ice machine is out of ice; the vending machine (cokes, etc) is sold out - but just as well since cokes are $3. Brief intro and hotel orientation by our tour director, Judi Kammerman. The remainder of the day is at leisure boredom. No meals included. Cheapskates! Are any fast-food joints nearby? Fortunately yes (thanks for the info, Judi) - there is a food court in a sales area just across from the hotel - again expen$ive, but it is the best/least there is here.There's even a place to buy a large bottle of water for $1 instead of the smaller $5 ones in the hotel room. At least this time the money is US dollars so no money hassles. Hotel: Sheraton Waikiki (F) (3 nights)

Day 2, Friday, April 17 Hono-Ho-Hum
Reading the description on the net, this really starts off looking like a wasted day!!! We have an after-breakfast get-together with Judi (8-10AM) to review activities scheduled throughout our Hawaiian stay. This could have been done last night rather than waste time this morning because it takes up time from whatever optional excursions. Unfortunately the two options I would like to take are NOT OFFERED so this day is a total wipe-out. Breakfast and an 8-10AM meeting are all. Grumble! Gritch! There are 41 victims on this tour - Globus has cancelled/combined several of their tour departures. Three tours (previous week, this one, and next week) are combined for this tour. It's over a month until the next Globus tour - and now I can guess what "not available" means on so many of their tour listings on the schedule pages on their web site.

After the meeting I wander out to the narrow strip of beach (totally lined by hotels and other money-making concessions so not much "scenery" except water) and decide that it's VERY over-rated. Back to the food court for something to eat and another bottle of water. Ho-Hum. Back at the hotel, wandering around, I notice that in the area dedicated to small shops in the hotel, many of them are closed and the space vacant. The bad economy has hit here also.

The balance of the day is free to relax be very bored since it's a long way to anything interesting (unless we like beach sand and that's just a narrow strip) - a totally wasted day unless - take the optional excursion to the Polynesian Cultural Center, featuring island arts, crafts, history, and a dinner buffet and Polynesian show with more than 100 performers (most all of which I've just recently seen on my South Pacific cruise so no reason to spend lots of money here). This evening enjoy an optional sunset cruise (no thanks) with seafood (not for me) dinner, Hawaiian cocktails (I don't drink), and splendid views of the glittering Wacky-ki (Judi's name for the area and I fully agree) coastline and Diamond Head (but not at $96).

To me, Wacky-ki is vastly over-rated. It's obviously a 4-square-mile tourist corral/trap where the only thing to do is either lie on the limited beach area, or spend money, preferably spend more money, lots of it. Tourists have to sign up for tours (more money) in order to see the "real" island. It definitely reminds me of the fortunately brief visit to Las Vegas - overbuilt, overblown, overpriced, overrated, fleece-the-tourists, ....

The only "highlight" of the day was this evening. Fridays are "Aloha Fridays" and a hotel just down from us puts on a large fireworks display in the evening. I was lucky enough to see it from my window - 7:45 - 7:50 LOTS of fireworks. Very nice. Here for two days just for a five-minute fireworks display.

Also, reading the tour itinerary, it looks like we won't get to see any surfing even though the lie of the land and ocean floor on Oahu's north shore are particularly favorable to receiving monster waves and endless barrels. The north shore of Maui (Hookipa Beach) receives the best of the wind-surfing conditions. Gritch! (B - only - cheapskates!)

OPTIONS: Polynesian Cultural Center Buffet And Show A full-day tour departing a little after noon (so it's not really a 'full day' tour) from Waikiki to the windward side of the island and the town of Laie. The Cultural Center has seven villages representing the nations of Polynesia. Price includes admission, buffet dinner, and show. Return at approximately 10 p.m. $92. After my Islands trip with Cruise West, not a choice. (26 sign up for this)

The President NObama Tour This special and amazing tour celebrates our Nation's 44th President and one of the world's newest and most powerful leaders. Visitors will be taken on deluxe transportation to key historical locations and learn of the special events and the Hawaiian culture that has played a key role in shaping President NObama's life. $41 (only one requested this, but it was already "sold out")

Sunset Dinner Cruise At this price, no thanks. $96 (nobody interested in this one)

Atlantis Submarine Discovery Dive NOT OFFERED! Climb aboard Atlantis XIV, the world's largest high-tech passenger submarine. Being in a submarine and descending beyond 100 feet underwater is an adventure in itself. (We didn't go down that far when I did the Great Barrier Reef excursion in Australia.) We will also get to see real marine life up close. The Atlantis Waikiki dive site is home to many Hawaiian fishes, coral and turtles. Atlantis has a spacious air-conditioned interior, large view ports and comfortable seating. If we haven't been to the bottom of the ocean before, this tour is a "must-do" but it's not offered! $89

Diamond Head & Rainforest Adventure NOT OFFERED!This four-hour afternoon scenic tour includes Diamond Head Lookout. Then travel to the eastern shore of Oahu by Hanauma Bay and Makapuu Beach, then continue to the Pali Lookout and the bamboo forest. $41

Day 3, Saturday, April 18 Honolulu, finally
Leave the hotel at 7:35 to get in line for a tour of PEARL HARBOR'S famous battleship row. Listen to a audio/visual narration of the dramatic air attack of December 7, 1941, and take a navy skiff out to visit the USS Arizona and the impressive MEMORIAL dedicated to the 1,102 men still entombed. We visit the MUSEUM to learn about Pearl Harbor Day, the Japanese strategy and military craft, and the individuals involved in the attack. I also take the opportunity to purchase an autographed set of books about the War in the Pacific - direct from the author, and have my picture taken with him. Next it's on to a slow drive-through Punchbowl National Cemetery but not the Honolulu Lookout (for some obscure security reason, the tour busses are NOT allowed to stop and let people look around). Other sights include Chinatown (ho-hum), Hawaii's state capitol (beautiful building), royal Iolani Palace (from a distance), and the statue of Kamehameha the Great. Then it's back to the hotel for some wasted time before our included dinner in the hotel.

It was a nice tour and I'm definitely glad I got to Pearl Harbor and the Arizona memorial (definitely the highlights of the whole trip), but otherwise, so much for this day.

"Tonight, a wonderful evening of dining and entertainment awaits! See the most popular show in Wacky-ki, the SOCIETY OF SEVEN, with an evening of impersonations, comedy acts, Broadway show tunes, and today's popular hits!" - - - - Gads! And since its "included", I was forced to pay for this drivel for tourist suckers! Las Vegas Dog-and-Pony show! Gag! Barf! Hairballs, even! (B,D)

Day 4, Sunday, April 19 Honolulu - Kona
Off at 7:35 for a morning flight to the "Big Island" without ever getting a chance to see "Diamond Head" except for a tiny part of the tip from the "Punchbowl." The flight is a few minutes late leaving, but not bad. GO! Airlines uses CanadaAir Regional Jets CRJ-200 with 50 seats.

2GO! AirlinesHonolulu - Hilo9:27 - 10:13 0:46-

Arrive in Hilo and drive first to to the Akatsuka Orchid Gardens in Volcano for a brief stop. The weather is totally overcast which ruins much of any chance of clear views of the scenery, and also traps all the SO2 fumes from the various vents. The air is definitely NOT good. If it's like this tomorrow, I stay in my room most of the day. After lunch at the Volcano Golf and Country Club we go on to HAWAII VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK to not see Kilauea Crater, nor steaming fire pits, but do get a walk through a lava tube. Kilauea is the world's most active volcano.NOTE: Late update: Visitors will NOT be able to see the 1982 lava flow or take the walk out to Halemaurau Crater. The road is closed due to high levels of sulphur dioxide gasses. The Park Service has closed almost all the park to visitors. We finally get to the hotel about 6:15. It's nice but several miles from a town so there's nothing to do here and only one overly expensive tour tomorrow so it will be another wasted day until the evening Luau. I'm glad we're only here 2 nights. Also contrary to the pre-trip notes, dinner is NOT included tonight; another Globus cut-back?

Other than the sulphurous smog, it's been a very nice day. . The hotel is very nice with beautiful local scenery. The only drawback is that everything (except individual guest rooms) is permanently open to the weather ... and the birds. This requires a special attention be paid to the possibility of, er, "small presents". Note: this is also true at the hotels on both Kauai and Maui. (B,L,D) Hotel: Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort & Spa (SF) (2 nights)

Day 5, Monday, April 20 Kona
After a very nice breakfast (once we get into the restaurant - they want name, room, (grin) age, weight, date-of-birth, name of next-of-kin etc. making for a very slow admission to the sacred restaurant) most of the rest of the day is free for independent total boredom. Be bored, or join the optional helicopter flight-seeing excursion. With a cost of $500 for the flight, I choose boredom.

Since I'm not taking the extremely expensive flight (and it's the only option), today is a total waste of time until this evening. The day does start out with almost clear weather, but by mid-day the sulphur smog is moving back in. This is getting ridiculous. The notes showed a trip to a coffee plantation, but there's no mention of that. I also skip lunch since Judi says that the Luau this evening is very good and I still have some "munchies" from the Portuguese bakery we stopped at last yesterday afternoon. We have our group picture taken tonight with a lei of Kukui nuts courtesy of the hotel (the real thing is $1/nut so this would be $32 if I bought it - but I'm sure the hotel didn't pay that). Dinner tonight is a "traditional LUAU feast" with Polynesian musicians and dancers. Nice! (B,D)

OPTIONS: Big Island Spectacular Helicopter ExcursionA two-hour flight (with a rest stop) that includes the active portion of Kilauea Volcano as well as the beautiful Hamakua coastline and the lush tropical valleys of the Hohala region of the island. $500

Day 6, Tuesday, April 21 Kona - Kauai
Off at 8:30 for the airport. The weather is overcast and very windy. We have two morning flights to get to the "Garden Isle" of Kauai. For some security reason, there are "no" direct inter-island flights. Each time we will have to go through the Honolulu airport. At least its no great hassle there.

3GO! Airlines YV1024Kona - Honolulu10:10 AM - 10:50 AM0:400:40
4Honolulu - Lihue, Kauai11:30 AM - 12:15 PM0:451:25

Our first stop is a quick one to view pretty Opaeka'a Falls before proceeding to Princeville for lunch overlooking Bali Hai, from the movie South Pacific - oops more Globus mis-print - we never get anywhere near this - instead we go to Kiahuna and the Kilahana Sugar Plantation whose elegant Tudor style mansion was one of the grandest and most expensive on Kauai when it was built in 1935. Have lunch there at Gaylord's - set menu with limited choices. Continue to not-so-sunny Poipu with a quick stop at the Spouting Horn (tidal action), and visiting a GUAVA PLANTATION en route. Oops, another Globus "misprint" - no mention of this stop either, particularly since there isn't an active Guava plantation on Kauai. More Globus nonsense. We arrive at the hotel about 3 PM - and are greeted with another lei - fresh flowers again. The hotel is a 15 minute walk from a very small shopping center; about 6 miles to any town. Judi agrees that there is really nothing to do here at this hotel, but the scenery is nice. Note: in addition to birds in all the areas of the hotel, the island is over-run with feral chickens - escapees from various chicken coops as the big hurricanes came through in 1982 and 1992. The have multiplied extensively and now are "everywhere." At least they have not yet invaded the hotels themselves - just all over the grounds. Multiple early morning alarm clocks, and with the hotel room walls being VERY thin, it's an early morning every morning. The chickens can be caught and eaten by anyone who wants them. Cooking instructions: a) fill pot with water; b) place large lava rock in the pot; c) place plucked chicken in the pot; d) Boil for 3 days. When the lava is soft and chewy, the chicken may be cooked enough to be (barely) chewable. Hotel: Sheraton Kauai (SF) (3 nights) (B,L)

Day 7, Wednesday, April 22 Kauai
Last night when re-arranging the things in my suitcase, I discovered that a few things were missing: my scissors/nail-clipper etc. kit and several packages of a powdered orange/cider drink. After looking through everything again this morning - still not there. The luggage had definitely been opened while in transit - the zippers were closed at a different place from where I leave them. Since the luggage had been locked (and re-locked) with a TSA lock, I presume (but can't prove) that it was the ThieveS Assn. that did it.

No included activities have been scheduled today to give us time to relax and enjoy be bored in our oceanfront resort. Rather than sit around for another boring day, I signed up for the Hanalei Valley Tour. After a nice breakfast at 6:30, we're off at 8AM on a cool, windy, almost ready to rain day for that tour. I need a coat at first today. After a slightly extended tour (courtesy of our driver-guide) we get back to the hotel about 12:45. It's been a really nice trip with several scenic stops. I'm glad that we did the trip in the morning and that I'm not taking the afternoon helicopter flight. Although it's warming up, the wind is still strong and there is now a solid, low overcast. Those taking the afternoon flight probably won't get to see much.

The ones taking the Na Poli boat ride got much more and much less than promised: less - so rough that the boats couldn't get all the way there and had to turn back; more - much more water inboard. They all came back cold and totally soaked

Nearby Mt. Waialeale is the rainiest place on earth with an annual rainfall exceeding 500" and it has had over 700" a few times. It's even rainier than Ketchikan, Alaska.

I was planning on taking the Fern Grotto tour but Judi said that recent storms, etc. had so stripped the scenery plus making it too dangerous to go into the Grotto that now visitors would only view it from a distant viewing platform - so I said "no thanks." (B,D)

OPTIONS: Scenic Valley Beach Ride This ride takes us through the ancient Mahaulepu area popular now to beachgoers, windsurfers, and local fisherman. Experience a variety of scenery and terrain, from pasture ranch land and farm crops to coastal and mountain vistas. Cross over a sandbar and stream, travel past beaches and bays, see native foliage and birds, pass under the tall shady ironwood trees, and appreciate the afternoon cool trade-wind breezes. Horses are available for every skill level, including beginners, although participants must be physically fit. Approximately two-hours on horseback. Long pants are recommended and closed-toe shoes are required. $102 Round-trip transportation can be arranged for an additional $7

Na Poli Scenic Boat Ride This 3 hour long trip by large inflatable boat (like the big river rafts?) takes us around the western coast of the island to get an up-close view of breathtaking coastlines. Expect to get a bit wet. $152

Safari Waterfall Helicopter Tour This thrilling hour-long helicopter flight gives us a bird's eye view of the Waimea Canyon and the Na Pali Coast as well as the wettest spot on Earth, Mount Waialeale. A must while on Kauai. Round-trip transportation is included. $221

Ali'I Movie Tour With Scenic Hanalei This exciting tour takes us on an action packed Hawaiian Hollywood odyssey where we explore some of the most romantic, exciting and adventurous movie locations in the world and enlighten us with the rich history of our island. This unique live narrated tour with specially licensed video scenes from the various movies make this a must do activity on Kauai. We not only watch scenes from amazing big screen movies; we will actually stand in or view the exact spots of the shoots like we were one of Hollywood's most famous stars. $102

Hanalei Valley Tour Bus tour to the north shore of the island, home of many movies, taro fields, north shore beaches and Hanalei Bay. 3 hours (turns out to be almost 5). $89

Fern Grotto Tour The Fern Grotto, accessible only by a short boat trip up the Wailua River, is one of Kauai's signature attractions. Here we enter a cave cloaked with ferns and cooled by the mists of a waterfall. There was a time when the Grotto was off-limits to all but Hawaiian Royalty. But for more than 50 years, riverboats have provided tours of the site. The trip up this historic and sacred Kauai River takes about 40 minutes via a long flat bottom riverboat. Kauai's Wailua River is the only navigable river in Hawaii and, along with the cruise boats, kayakers, motor boats and water skiers "Go With The Flow". On the way to the Fern Grotto, we encounter numerous photo opportunities of Kauai's tropical grasslands lining the river and cloud-capped Mt. Waialeale looming in the background. $55

Day 8, Thursday, April 23 Kauai
Start the day with a drive to Waimea, once the Polynesian capital of Kauai and the site where Captain Cook landed in the islands in 1778. Sightseeing highlights include Wanapepe Valley (our first photo stop) and WAIMEA CANYON, the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific," The other highlight is a stop at a little shopping center for snacks (cheap lunch) and some special icecream. We end with a brief stop at THE LARGEST COFFEE PLANTATION in Hawaii, KAUAI COFFEE COMPANY, includes time at the visitor center where we learn about coffee production. With the afternoon free, we will have another chance to be very bored. At least a (very poor this time) dinner is included. (BD)

Day 9, Friday, April 24 Kauai - Maui
Breakfast is at 6:30, bags out at 7:45, off at 8:45. Now that we are leaving after 3 days of gloomy, overcast weather, it's a beautiful morning. I'm afraid we will be chasing the bad weather as we head to Maui. Today are short flights to the "Valley Island" of Maui. Again we have that double-flight problem - still no clear reason why we have to do it. At least this time we get to stay on the same plane. I'm going to really be tired of going through that Honolulu airport though The first flight is 20 minutes late leaving which grows as we proceed.

5GO! Airline YV 1012Lihue, Kauai - Honolulu10:55 AM - 11:25 AM0:300:28
6Honolulu - Maui11:48 AM - 12:30 PM0:421:35

Drive to the lush IAO VALLEY to see the Iao Needle, a spectacular volcanic spire. There are also many sleek, well-fed, stray cats (fed by the local SPCA and many "friends"). They are more popular with many visitors than the scenery (which is very nice.) Visit LAHAINA for a very late lunch (2:45) and some shopping (2 hours for those who want to do so) and then continue on to Kaanapali, our home for the next three nights, again well out from a town though there are inexpensive shuttles running back and forth. Balance of the day in a rush since we don't get to the hotel until about 6:30 and only 30 minutes before my dinner. We can do our first dinner (here) either tonight or tomorrow. I chose tonight since I will have a lunch on tomorrow's optional tour. (B,D) Hotel: Sheraton Maui (SF) (3 nights)

Day 10, Saturday, April 25 Maui
We have a full free day to swim and sunbathe at the beach or hotel pool. Take an optional helicopter flight-seeing excursion over Molokai for spectacular vistas of Kahiwa Falls and Kalaupapa National Historic Park. Another choice is the "Road to Hana," one of the world's most impressive drives with 54 small one-lane bridges, narrow winding roads (617 switchbacks), and numerous waterfalls. (B)

For this tour, we leave the hotel about 7:30 AM. It's a long day: 10 hours and a 200 mile "grand circle" of the island. Stops include Keanae Point park, a whole bunch of Mongooses, the site of Jurassic Park first movie, Hana, "Seven Sacred Pools" (now a popular swimming area), Lindberg's grave, scenery along the southern coast, etc. The included "big lunch" is a cheeseburger and half a bag of potato chips. Rather than going out to Hana and the Lindberg site then retracing our route, we did a complete circle including some "very rough road" along the south coast. There was also a stop at a winery but I didn't try the wines. Despite the limited lunch, and the fact that we had an almost constant drizzle on the east coast rain forest area, it was a very nice day. (B,OL)

OPTIONS: Hana Tour With Lunch Take a ride on Hawaii's most scenic winding road through lush rain forests and by cascading waterfalls. See the Seven Pools in Hana, panoramic coastal vistas, and many exotic plants in the rain forest. The tour is approximately 10 hours. Lunch is included. $115

Sunset Grill Dinner Cruise The friendly crew of the Spirit of Lahaina will welcome us with hula and a welcome "Sunset Cooler" as we embark on a relaxing cruise along Maui's scenic Ka'anapali coastline. From unforgettable views of the Hawaiian sunset and warm blue sea, to gentle tropical trade winds, let the beauty and magic of the Valley Isle surround us. Then, enjoy Maui's only freshly grilled onboard seafood dinner. Premium beverage, live Hawaiian music and dancing make our evening one to remember! (no thanks due to the seafood menu) $99

Day 11, Sunday, April 26 Maui
The morning is dedicated to HALEAKALA NATIONAL PARK, site of the huge volcanic Haleakala Crater, known as the "House of the Sun." In 1980 this native ecosystem of cinder cones and dense rain forest was designated an International Biosphere Reserve. Plenty of time in the afternoon to relax and enjoy be bored again in our hotel's facilities, or take the optional submarine ride over a coral reef. It's the same company but it's more expensive. The overall time was 1:30 with about 40 minutes spent submerged. The scenery was not nearly as interesting as on the Australian Great Barrier Reef. Basically - not worth the time and definitely not worth the money. Walk about town for an hour and join in the birthday party celebrating the town's (huge) Banyan Tree's 136th birthday - then back to the hotel by 4:10.This evening Judi hosts a special FAREWELL DINNER. Note: Elevation at Haleakala National Park is 10,000 feet. (B,D)

OPTIONS: Atlantis Submarine With Transportation Explore Hawaii's mysterious and exciting underwater world on a submarine that dives to a depth of over 100 feet. View Maui's fascinating natural coral formations and the many exotic fish and creatures that call Hawaii home. Round-trip transportation is provided $107

Day 12, Monday, April 27 Maui - Homebound Flight
After breakfast from 6:30 - 7:00, it's going to be a long time until the first flight at 5:11 (oops, make that 5:43). It's the usual problem - tour officially over after breakfast but longer east-bound flights leave late in the day for an "overnight" flight arriving the next morning. Free Globus transfer to Kahului Airport. We have to have our bags packed for pickup by the Bellman by 11, leave for the airport at 2:30, then wait and wait and ... (B)

7Hawaii Air HA 534Maui - Honolulu5:11 PM - 5:49 PM
5:43 PM - 6:28 PM

There's (originally) an hour and a half to get to the next flight so it would have been no problem. However since the first flight was late, I get to the gate for the second flight barely in time to get on the plane. Fortunately no Customs/Immigration or baggage claim/recheck, and the next flight is direct to Houston.

8Continental CO 0002Honolulu - Houston 7:20 PM - 7:37 AM7:178:54

Day 13, Tuesday, April 28 Finally Home
Wow, the second flight not only left on time, but got in about 30 minutes early due to a major tail-wind. I even had my luggage and was at the StuporShuttle desk in 18 minutes (7:55). However it was over an hour before a shuttle bus showed up. I did finally get home a bit after 10 AM.

This was my 13th trip with Globus/Cosmos/Avalon. Maybe the 13 was an omen - and the reason it turned out to be so disappointing with either long nothing-to-do times or optionals of no interest ... and they didn't offer two of the ones I wanted to do. I'm not giving up on them; in fact the next 5 tours in my schedule are Globus, Cosmos, Cosmos, Avalon, Globus. A lot of the discrepancies in the tour description came from what was offered in 2008 and what in 2009, but there were a few more late changes even after the trip paperwork was sent.

Selected pictures
Click to enlarge

1Continental CO 0001Houston - Honolulu9:35 AM - 12:55PM
10:55 AM - 2:15 PM
2GO! AirlinesHonolulu - Hilo9:27 - 10:13 0:46-
3GO! Airlines YV1024Kona - Honolulu10:10 AM - 10:50 AM0:400:40
4Honolulu - Lihue, Kauai11:30 AM - 12:15 PM0:451:25
5GO! Airline YV 1012Lihue, Kauai - Honolulu10:55 AM - 11:25 AM0:300:28
6Honolulu - Maui11:48 AM - 12:30 PM0:421:35
7Hawaii Air HA 534Maui - Honolulu5:11 PM - 5:49 PM
5:43 PM - 6:28 PM
8Continental CO 0002Honolulu - Houston 7:20 PM - 7:37 AM7:178:54

(Now, counting the South Pacific flight, I can say that I've been to Honolulu 5 times!)

Optionals: Lots of options to run up the price.

HonoluluPolynesian Cultural Center$96no
President NObama Tour$41No
Submarine Cruise$89Yes but NOT OFFERED
Rain Forest$41Yes but NOT OFFERED
KonaHelicopter Flight-Seeing$500$$$$ no
Manta Ray Snorkel$91No
KauaiHelicopter Flight-Seeing$221No
Horseback Ride$102No
Ali'I Movie Tour With Scenic Hanalei$102No
Hanalei Valley Tour$89yes
Fern Grotto Tour $55Declined
MauiAtlantis Sub cruise$107yes
"Road to Hana"$115Yes
Sunset Dinner Cruise$99No

Hotels/Meals: (Note: I chose NOT to pay the $250 extra $$ for an ocean-view room - the trip is expensive enough already.)
Day 1HonoluluSheraton Waikiki (F)none
Day 2B
Day 3B,D
Day 4KonaSheraton Keauhou Bay Resort (SF)B,L,D
Day 5B,D
Day 6KauaiSheraton Kauai (SF)B,L
Day 7B,D
Day 8B
Day 9MauiSheraton Maui (SF)B,D
Day 10B,OL
Day 11B,D
Day 12in flightnoneB
Day 13homehomein flight?