This was supposed to be a great trip and was for a while. I even got to finally meet Faye Chinn, an internet friend, in Portsmouth.

HOWEVER, in Glascow, Scotland, at the Thistle Hotel, after my luggage was unloaded from the bus and turned over to the hotel staff for delivery to the room ... but they either delivered it to the wrong room ... or maybe someone on the staff just stole it. Then it took 4-5 hours and several trips downstairs to the reception desk before they would even start looking for it. Of course by then, it was gone.

For 3 days, I lived with one set of clothes, washing (some of) them each night and hoping they would be (almost) dry by the next morning.

They finally gave me 500 British Pounds to buy some clothes, luggage, etc.

Along with the luggage went all my travel notes, film, postcards, etc. so there are no notes from this trip.

Several months later, after lots of hassle, the travel insurance company paid off about 40% of what I lost. The map is very similar to this tour - taken from a many years later tour.